Whistle While You Work

Annoying behaviors displayed in the workplace are common material for comics everywhere. Everyone, especially consultants, love to speak of "Office Space" with nothing but "It's so true." Listen, I'm not going to play this up. There is a guy at work who finds it to be his employer-given-right to watch the clock all day long in what must be horrible anticipation of that blessed moment at 4 PM when seven dwarves from the animated classic Snow White descends upon his cubicle and implore,
"Whislte while you work,
Just whislte while you work,
Put on that grin and start right in
to whistle loud and long"
Because he does it, repeatably, for rankling hours on end. I fantasize about everything from leaving anonymous yet kind notes, to setting off an airhorn directly behind him. "Oops! Pardon. I guess noise can be... distracting at work."