The Guatemalan Way

About once a week, Rebecca and I look at each other and say, "Only in Guatemala." Here are some of those times: 1. Our copy service is outsourced. This means, for anything we want to copy, we need to fill out a half-page copy-request form and have it signed by a principal. If the form has an error (e.g. you accidentally write that you want 20 copies, you mark it out and write 21), then you need an entirely new form, new principal signature. When there are no more copy request forms in the form bin, you need to fill out a copy-request form to copy the copy-request forms. TPS report, anyone? 2. Yesterday we were in Pricesmart, a membership shopping/"buy in bulk" store similar to Sams Club or Costco. Just like in the US, they had some women with too much makeup standing behind tables and offering samples of food and drink in tiny cups. Not bourbon chicken, not cocktail weenies, not organic apple cider... Yesterday they were featuring samples of Slim-Fast. 3. Found in Guatemala: Jimmy Johns, sushi restraunts, baseball and apple pie, biometric hand scanner for entrance to the mid-tier health club, malls and airports have no less than 6 52" plasma screens each. 4. Not Found in Guatemala: Miracle Whip, flavored coffe creamer, tampons, the equivalent of a Walmart, capable traffic police. These lists will be updated.