Technical Support in Education

Most teachers are fairly tech savvy. I know education doesn't have a reputation for being on the bleeding edge or anything, but most teachers are expected to use technology fairly regularly, and integrate some technology basics in their curriculum. That being said, I feel that there's a certain rare stupidity that runs just a little deeper and truer; one that can slip through the cracks in education (and other demographics of course, such as chefs, janitorial engineers, and Alaskans). Evidence is mounting, but perhaps the most telling is an anecdote (or vignette, as we call them in educational research) born just yesterday. The pre-primary area has a closet lab with two computers. An educator was using both computers simultaneously. When approached about the availability of a computer, the teacher responded, "I need to use both because I need to type something while I use the web to search on the other". In the tech department, we've decided to downgrade her system to DOS, then install Win3.11 in a month when she's ready for the new "multitasking" capabilities of Windows.