Not Spam, it's a Cheating CS Student from India

I don't think this is spam - I think it's Hema Razapuratan (using her English-friendly name, just like some call center reps do) asking for my VB.NET code from college... From: Jennifer Jacob [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Sat 8/27/2005 5:34 AM To: jeff Subject: project help request Dear Sir I'm Jennifer Jacob doing my final year graduation, as a part of my graduation completion i have to submit a project I'm interested in doing a Project in ASP .NET / VB.NET with Oracle When i'm searching the Internet i come across your details and i'm requesting you to kindly help me out if possible, please provide the source code reference site or any project source code, which you have with you as a graduation project Kindly treat this as a help and do the needful Respects Jennifer Jacob