Jaeschke Wedding in Ecuador

A few weeks ago we attended the wedding of ex-roommate/Deloitte friends Paul and Denise in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where D-Nice grew up. Beautiful couple, beautiful country, beautiful wedding. Had a lot of fun with Evan, Kristen, Matt, Gordo, and Jim. Connecting through Panama City, we found this fine store in the airport. Don't like your kid? Trade the brat. This man barters in children. Look, even the M&M is scared. ecuador.jpg We've found that Latin American countries have looser standards for nudity in public advertising ecuador2.jpg Evan and I didn't just cut a rug at the reception (which started at 9 PM and went until 5 AM) - we cut out rug strips and whipped the DJ nasty, tripped the light fantastic, hooved the shuffle bug - dance moves that haven't even been invented yet. ecuador3.jpgecuador4.jpg Climb the 444 stairs, and you're rewarded with these views of Guayaquil ecuador6.jpgecuador7.jpg