Illicit Materials at School

I've had some great first-year-teacher experiences. Like the first day of class when I wrote on the dry erase board with an unlabeled permanent marker. Rebecca and I are noticing that the kids are really falling apart lately when it comes to knowing what is inappropriate to bring to school. My multimedia class is putting together a composite project that will be a promotional movie poster of the class. It will feature each of them dressed in superhero gear, looking tough. Photoshop it all together, put it on a slick background, add a WordArt title, A+ for everyone. Unless you bring a real gun to school for the photoshoot. All I could say was, "What the... What is that? Give it to me. This is REAL. What the hell are you thinking? Now I have to walk over to the dean's office packing heat." Of course we reviewed the other options he had: ask permission first, take the picture at home, or bring a fake plastic gun. Discipline was easy: his mother worked at the school. Administration informed her that in the States her son would've been expelled. The Kindergarten Principal recently sent home a note to all parents for a similar problem. Rebecca has been dealing with many Kindergartners bringing makeup to school, hiding it in their bags, and sloppily applying it to each other during recess. Detection of this offense is relatively straightforward.