Quite obviously, really. It was an absolute and complete shock. Even when a little box popped out of the sand that had my initials on it, I still had no idea. Though it sounds cliche, I pretty much don´t remember a word I said from the moment I saw that box. I was so surprised, in fact, that the last words I remember uttering were "Are you serious?" and "YES!" After that, as Jeff graciously unfolded the entire story before me, I believe I yelled "What?!?" at least 10 times as I digested the amount of deception that was involved in the proposal. I am still rewinding the last six months and thinking about all the times I was so gullible. When I´m not doing that, I´m staring at the shiny new thing on my finger (which it kills me to think of leaving in Chicago). All in all, I´m not being a very productive human being this week and I haven´t stopped smiling. I had jokingly teased Jeff many times that I wanted to marry him, but he had successfully convinced me that the timing wouldn´t be right until about a year from now. I know that he wasn´t the only one convincing me of little things here and there along the way, and for that I really am thankful. Thank you so much to everyone who made the secret and helped keep it, especially our parents and our friends who were there to celebrate and pull it all off (I know that was a lot of pressure). I am floating on a cloud, happy as a clam, head over heels in love.