I Have a Maid

This blows my mind: Rebecca and I pay $12 every week to have a trustworthy woman spend 4 hours cleaning up after us. She does all our dishes, cleans the kitchen, and cooks for us. She cleans, folds, and puts away my laundry. She washes the bathrooms, mops the floors, organizes our messes we leave out, and sometimes even redecorates the place. Rebecca and I really get a kick out of this. We have the little Guatemalan maid that is an aspiring interior decorator. We never asked her to trim the fringe off the rug or move the furniture around. I LOVE THIS!!! - yet it feels somehow wrong that I should have all this for $6. Overall, the arguments for hiring her are much stonger: Doing it oursleves would deny her some business she gladly wants. We recommend her to others. Rebecca's maid last year was $10/weekly visit, so giving our new one $12 is generous. Besides being highly recommended as trustworthy, she once found Q100 ($12 - her entirely weekly fee) in my pocket doing my laundry, and left it out with a note. I love her.