For Jeremy and Bobbie

Last week we received a package that should serve as a reminder to all of us. This is the tragic story of a little boy named Jose Fernando Montegolla. Uncommon for a child of privledge, JoFer loved to fish at the pond. Not every child has a butler so faithful as Mostaza El Fiel. Most days after school JoFer and Mostaza would trek the trail bar to Mount Galleta, their favorite fishing spot. One day a ferocious goldfish named Pescado yanked young JoFer's line so hard that he fell in, gusher'd his head on the rocks, and was devoured by goldfish; which is a terrible, if improbable, way to die. Mostaza never forgave himself for not watching JoFer more carefully. Every day he returns to the spot where JoFer loved to fish and meditates on the memory of his young friend, who visits as a spirit. Thank you Jer and Bobbie for your thoughtful note and the care package :) See The Tragedy (popup window)