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Contact Info [Sept 24 Update: We found the cheapest phone cards are the ones available for $.09/min at - they just email you the 800 number and pin.] Jeff and Rebecca’s cell: +1 (502) 5 296-8504 Home: +1 (502) 2 367-3945 Jeff Desk: +1 (502) 2 364-1803 x156 Emails: The same The school uses a private courier service in Florida to ship us things. To send us letters: [Name] Colegio Interamericano Section 4134 P.O. Box 02-5339 Miami, FL 33102-5339 If you send us a package, customs will open them and asses us a tax which is 30% of the estimated value. To send us packages, send them to: [Name] Colegio Interamericano Section 4134/Gua 7801 NW 37th St. Miami, FL 33166-6559