Business Book Roundup

Chad G. / Merrill Lynch Obviously I'm not in consulting, but here are some books others outside my industry (finance) have found interesting: A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel - A must for anyone who invests or saves for the future, whether independently or in a 401K...layman’s terms of how Wall Street thinks and explains why the general public is at a disadvantage. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand - Just read them, it will all make sense then. Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life by Nassim Nicholas Taleb - How we perceive and deal with luck in business and life, extremely entertaining The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey - Been around forever but still very relevant and interesting read When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein - Seems like a fictional drama, difficult to put down. The scary thing is it is all true and happened just over six years ago

Varun T. / UIUC (Personal Experience) Consulting Demons, The Art of the Deal, Liar's Poker (Consulting) Flawless Consulting, McKinsey Way, McKinsey Mind, Clients for Life, Outsourcing: A CIO's Perspective, the SAP Handbook (Finance) Not a book, but a great resource - Warren Buffett's Letters to Shareholders on, Fixed Income Securities/Mathematics (I actually met the author, Frank Fabozzi - tremendous individual)

Ron A. / JPMC As for reading suggestions, I read McKinsey Mind a LONG time ago, and I’m sure that you found it to be as commercial and common sense as I did. Here is what I have been reading lately, and I recommend all of them to you, because I think our minds and approaches are similar. The real good McKinsey books can never be written, because they are too busy working. However, the new book on Enron is interesting to me, as lately I’ve been fascinated with markets in general. Must Read: Fooled By Randomness, Taleb - An excellent book on randomness from a traders perspective, a must read. The Tipping Point - forget the author, you and I want to run our own companies, this too is a must read as marketing will be more than half the adventure. On a side note, everyone I speak with that has tried a Segway would give an arm for one, yet they are nowhere. I’m reading a lot of banking and financial theory books, most of which are for my edification and offer really no value of important things. I have heard the series First Break all the Rules (FBATR) is great. There is a follow up to that book I believe, Now Discover Your Strengths.

John H. / Bain Consulting / Business books (mainly Bain books... go figure): &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspBeyond the Core (Chris Zook) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspAligning the Stars (Tierney, et al) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspA Passion for Ideas: How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World Mastering the Merger (Sam Rovit) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspLoyalty Rules! How today's leaders build lasting relationships (Reichheld) &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspWhen Genius Failed &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspBarbarians of the Gate &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspMonkey Business Other random books, mainly recco's from friends: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspRich Dad, Poor Dad &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspFast Food Nation &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspLife of Pi &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspHow full is your bucket? &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspBorn to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture Books I've already read that I'd really recommend: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspTipping point, by Malcolm Gladwell &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp□&nbspConsulting Demons, by Lewis Pinault

Evan H. / Deloitte I haven’t read any of these books (besides some of Covey’s books), but my dad does a lot of work in Organization Change and Leadership, and here’s what he recommended: Two books by Dr. Jim Collins: Built to Last and Good to Great. These books by Collins are very good. Here are a few others:

  • Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan
  • What Really Works: The 4 + 2 Formula for Sustained Business Success by William Joyce, Nitin Nohria and Bruce Robertson
  • Grow Your Own Leaders: How to Identify, Develop and Retain Leadership Talent by William C. Byham, Audrey Smith and Mathew Paese.
  • Also the books by Stephen Covey: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, First Things First, and Living the Seven Habits
  • Books by Ken Blanchard. His are quite good.
  • Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play: The Demise of Dysfunctional Selling and the Advent of Helping Clients Succeed by Mahan Khalsa
  • Leading at the Edge by Dennis N.T. Perkins

Oren L. / Hewitt Associates 1 – Leadership by Rudy Giuliani I read this a while back; it's a fairly well written book that pieces together his overall leadership strategies with good real-life anecdotes to illustrate his points. Not that we're mayors or anything, but his focus on analysis and planning is a good model to emulate. 2 – Moneyball by Michael Lewis Currently reading this one; baseball teams aren't really that much different from your typical client- managers making decisions without real facts, old methods & people vs. new, and how technology can be a catalyst for change.

Trent F. / Accenture The 48 Rules of Power The Art of War Influence : The Psychology of Persuasion -Robert B. Cialdini - Quick read, marketing slant. The Project Manager's Desk Reference - James P. Lewis - Decent reference for "checking" yourself as a project is in process. Fiction: Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson

Matt M. / Mars & Co. Consulting Required reading for new associates: Business Overview: Competitive Advantage - Michael Porter Strategy: Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy - Georges Day and David Rebstein Competing Against Time - Georges Stalk and Thomas Hout Corporate Level Strategy - Goold, Campbell, and Alexander Thinking Strategically - Avinash Dixit and Barry Nalebuff Six Sigma - Mikel Harry and Richard Schroeder Value Migration - Adrian Slywotzky The Alchemy of Growth - Baghai, Coley, and White Organizational Strategy: Foundations of Organizational Strategy - Michael Jensen Reengineering the Corporation - Michael Hammer and James Champy The Balanced Scorecard Strategy - Robert Kaplan and David Norton Finance/Economics: Valuation- Copeland, Koller and Murrin Strategic Cost Management - Shank and Govindarajan Security Analysis - Graham and Dodd Power Pricing - Robert Dolan and Hermann Simon Competitive Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence - Larry Kahamer Manufacturing: The Goal - Goldratt Technology: The innovator’s Dilemma - Clayton Christensen Unleashing the Killer App - Downes and Mui