Arm Hair for Children

Yesterday I went with Beck to volunteer at an orphanage. We played with the kids, mostly between 3 and 7 years old, and took ten of them to the park. I don't know why I was imagining such horrible conditions. They were clean, wonderfully behaved, clothed and fed. All they want is a little attention like a hug, smile, or push on the swing. It's amazing how happy this makes them. We played Red Rover Red Rover (Spanish Remix), so I'm holding hands with a kid on either side. In a lull in the ruckus, I felt the strangest sensation. The little girl on my right was gently putting her mouth as close to my forearm as possible without touching skin, closing her lips, then pulling her head away to feel my thick, soft, bushy arm hair slide between her lips. Even when she saw me giving her a funny look, she continued doing it with a guilty look on her face that said, "I know I might get in trouble, but this is AMAZING and I'm not giving up this sensation." Imagine you have 6 years and have never seen anything but black hair. Never seen fair skin or arm hair longer than a 1/4".