Bolt Bus - So close to greatness

I'm on the Bolt Bus from Boston to New York. They have free WiFi on the bus and electrical outlets in every seat. You can't beat the price: $15. The catch is that it's so bumpy and herky jerky that it's a constant headache if you try to use your laptop. Thank god I'm taking the Acela for the ride back. If they could somehow fix the shocks to prevent the bus from oscillating on the highway and fix the jerky braking in the city, I would be a Bolt Bus fanatic. - Custom Dress Shirts

Check out  Just launched; Great execution on a great idea.

Proper Cloth lets you design your own high-end men's dress shirts. There's lots of design options so it's easy to get the exact style you want.  

There are so many dress shirts in my closet that fit *almost* right.  Sleeve a little too short, wish it came without the pocket, either a little too tight (it only came in slim fit), or enough room for two Texans in the midsection.  Proper Cloth is like easy self-tailoring (they teach you how to do measurements), OR, you can just select from a list of over 150 shirt brands and sizes and they will make to match (or I can tweak it after starting from their database of brand sizing).

Prices are currently set at $90 per shirt with no extra charge for monogram, collar accents or cuff accents.  I'm pretty sure the price will be increasing soon.  Proper Cloth shirts are made in the US by a premium custom shirt factory.  Their fabrics are from Italy. I've seen samples and the construction is really high quality and they deliver in 1-4 weeks.   The same shirt (made by the same factory with the same fabric) costs much, much more at a department store.