Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten (of Holland) came to Guatemala City last night. Jeff loves this DJ, and we had an amazing time - it was the first time we've been out clubbing when Jeff wasn't DJing. My arms were sore for two days after from dancing so much with my hands in the air. FC3.JPGFC4.JPGFC.JPGFC2.JPG

Kerry and Abel - 4°N

HookaBar.JPG Went out to Arguileh at Quatro Gratos Norte with new friends Kerry and Abel. Abel is funny and a squash/soccer star. Kerry makes everyone feel good. Case in point, here is Kerry being supportive of Abel's draw on the hookah.

Contact Information

Contact Info [Sept 24 Update: We found the cheapest phone cards are the ones available for $.09/min at www.speedypin.com - they just email you the 800 number and pin.] Jeff and Rebecca’s cell: +1 (502) 5 296-8504 Home: +1 (502) 2 367-3945 Jeff Desk: +1 (502) 2 364-1803 x156 Emails: The same The school uses a private courier service in Florida to ship us things. To send us letters: [Name] Colegio Interamericano Section 4134 P.O. Box 02-5339 Miami, FL 33102-5339 If you send us a package, customs will open them and asses us a tax which is 30% of the estimated value. To send us packages, send them to: [Name] Colegio Interamericano Section 4134/Gua 7801 NW 37th St. Miami, FL 33166-6559

A New Beginning: The Story

So here’s the story, in my words: Beginning in September I will be taking a 10-month leave of absence from Deloitte to work at a private high school in Guatemala City! It's a special circumstance, and although temporary, it fits in with what I love to do: consult and teach with technology. Here are my main reasons for going:
  • The experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: living overseas for a year, learning a new culture, switching careers drastically while retaining the option to return to Deloitte in the summer of 2005.
  • It will be a chance for me to have a unique shared experience with my girlfriend Rebecca, who is currently teaching kindergarten down there.
  • If I can correctly frame it such that it supports my story, it will help differentiate me on business school applications.
So now for the Frequently Asked Questions: