Our Vows


After some considerable stress about how to start, Rebecca went back to what she does best (teaching) and physically cut-and-pasted her vows into a Dr. Seuss book, and used its title, "The Shape of You" as her theme. 

The shape of you The shape of me The shape of everything I see…. 

Your Strength Your Spirit Your Smarts Your Soul Your shapes flawlessly make mine whole. 

Just think about the shape of your strength Your ambition and drive How you will go to great lengths Your enthusiasm for change, For following the trends, It’s no wonder success is your loyal friend. The shape of your strength I admire so much You are my model of “zen” even when the going gets tough. 

Just think about the shape of your spirit Your zest for life draws other near it It’s infinite, your ability to romance Little surprises and secrets at every chance Even after two years and a little more We still fall asleep laughing – this I adore. Your spirit takes a shape all its own Giggling like kids in snuggling zones 

Just think about the shape of your smarts This is truly where the marveling starts How it is that you know what you know The binge researching helps with that passion to grow So you continue on this ongoing quest When you know a bit about everything maybe you’ll rest But I am leaving out the very best part Your ability to teach it all is truly an art 

Just think about the shape of your soul Integrity and ethics are a primary goal Your sense of self is refreshingly true But a thirst for philosophy shapes your soul too. I love how humanism is part of this shape It fits us so well and gives life a new taste

My story about shapes is nearing the end But not without the most important part and I’ll say it again These vows that I make come straight from my heart It is my hope that our two shapes will never be apart. I can’t imagine my shapes without yours at my side So suppose, just suppose, these I promise to abide 

Suppose that our shapes will change as years pass, I vow to accept this and stay on our chosen path. Suppose that the future may throw us some curves I vow to work through them with the perseverance we deserve. Suppose that our marriage will go through endless ups and downs, I vow to accept that rhythm, knowing it’s the little things that reverse a frown. Suppose that we may endure some financial stress I vow to live differently with a frugality I know I possess Suppose that your career takes more time than most, I vow to ease up and help our love simply coast. Suppose a crossroads lies ahead & you know not what to do, I vow that no matter what & above all, I believe in you. Suppose that my desire to have a clean house drives you mad, I vow to see your efforts and seek what compromise can be had. Suppose that one day we reach our lowest of lows I vow to revisit and remember this prose. Suppose that one day we are as in love as right now, I will cherish moments, making meaning and memories – this I vow. Of all the shapes with whom we could be….

I am glad, SO VERY GLAD that you have chosen me.

Jeff's Vows: 

Rebecca Dawn, I will treat you as both strong and fragile, like a porcelain marble being set down slowly on a pane of glass. 

I promise to cherish you. 
I will join with you and share all that is to come.
I will live my life openly with you, and I will forgive you.

We must try to aid each other in developing our physical, mental, and spiritual lives, and this is to better understand ourselves and the world.

I pledge to commit my joy and sorrow to you. I vow to love, honor, and humor you. 

When I grow up I want to be an explorer with you, so let’s always remember to leave time for play. 

I promise our children will be raised in the image of our love. 

Creo en la importancia de dar el regalo bilingüe a nuestros niños. 

Every time the fabric of slumber unravels to reveal a day I want my threads to get all tangled up in yours.

All of this I betroth to you 
For better, for worse 
For richer and for graduate school 
In kindergarten classrooms and in health 

Till the sun withdraws it’s golden rays

Miss Guatemala

I found this to be amusing. Miss Guatemala, of the Miss Universe Pageant.


Lovely. Even better is her video interview, which she COULD HAVE ELECTED TO DO IN SPANISH. Instead, what we get is a very humorous attempt. 

"Guatemala is arms open to visit all the world" 

"Is between the Atlantic and the Atlantic Pacific!" 

Sweet Dreams, Sir

Business travel. Every once in a while you get to experience a surreal moment, like sitting in the middle seat, directly in front of a generously proportioned man who, despite significant air turbulence, will not stop snoring. The experience was mildly reminiscent of a noisy construction site masking the sound of a drowning walrus. I was directly in his sonic devastation ray, but to be his seat neighbor might have been a worse fate (notice his wingspan). I'm sure the captain radioed ATC to report possible automatic weapon fire in the cabin. Technology now allows us to punish the man with some minor immortalizing on the internet via this blog. snore.jpg

Not Spam, it's a Cheating CS Student from India

I don't think this is spam - I think it's Hema Razapuratan (using her English-friendly name, just like some call center reps do) asking for my VB.NET code from college... From: Jennifer Jacob [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Sat 8/27/2005 5:34 AM To: jeff Subject: project help request Dear Sir I'm Jennifer Jacob doing my final year graduation, as a part of my graduation completion i have to submit a project I'm interested in doing a Project in ASP .NET / VB.NET with Oracle When i'm searching the Internet i come across your details and i'm requesting you to kindly help me out if possible, please provide the source code reference site or any project source code, which you have with you as a graduation project Kindly treat this as a help and do the needful Respects Jennifer Jacob

Wireless Audio

I do the research, you benefit. I wanted to take audio from my computer and send it wirelessly across the room to the entertainment system. It is not easy to find the product to do this simple task. FM transmitters are always disappointing because of FCC limitations, and the ones that work well are too big and too expensive. I know that there are streaming media servers, but I just wanted wirless audio for now, mostly so I could also use it for DJ gigs in some way, to have the mixer and decks away from the amp/speakers. The only affordable wireless audio solution for http://www.terk.com/pdfs/LF30S.pdf

I Will Have My Homepage, Please

I didn't want the client intranet login to be my start page, but they have it enforced by Active Directory group policy, so it periodically reverts back even if you set it to something else. I wanted to have a ready set of client links on a start page. In My Documents, I made a txt file in notepad that contained: start iexplore http://www.google.com/ig I renamed it to IE.bat, and created a shortcut to it from the desktop. The command "start" is necessary so iexplore doesn't hijack the top IE window, and instread starts a new Internet Explorer. If you want to be fancy, you can change the icon for the shortcut to be the real IE icon by doing Properties->Change Icon->Look for icons in: %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE GooglePersonalObs.GIF

Whistle While You Work

Annoying behaviors displayed in the workplace are common material for comics everywhere. Everyone, especially consultants, love to speak of "Office Space" with nothing but "It's so true." Listen, I'm not going to play this up. There is a guy at work who finds it to be his employer-given-right to watch the clock all day long in what must be horrible anticipation of that blessed moment at 4 PM when seven dwarves from the animated classic Snow White descends upon his cubicle and implore,
"Whislte while you work,
Just whislte while you work,
Put on that grin and start right in
to whistle loud and long"
Because he does it, repeatably, for rankling hours on end. I fantasize about everything from leaving anonymous yet kind notes, to setting off an airhorn directly behind him. "Oops! Pardon. I guess noise can be... distracting at work."